Wire CO Detector suppliers

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Wire CO Detector suppliers

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Product Feature
1. 120 volt hardwired smoke alarm, photoelectric sensor, battery backup, Easy to use 9 volt battery spare, mute / test button, dust cover, 85-decibel warning.
2. Inter-connectable and first alert smoke and carbon monoxide overload alarm
3. Intuitive latching ALARM indicator is determined, Unit triggers alarm
4. Provides a 10-year limited warranty, tested and meets UL 217
Product Parameter
• Power Source: AC 120V/60Hz with DC 9V battery backup
• AC Quiescent Current:< 80mA
• AC Alarm Current: < 80mA
• DC Quiescent Current: < 15uA
• DC Alarm Current: < 35mA
• Alarm Sensitivity: 1.44~2.52 %/ft
• Comply with standard: UL217&CAN/ ULC-S531
• Alarm Volume: >85dB(A) @ 3 meters.
• Low Voltage Threshold: DC 7.1-7.5V
• Hush time: approx 8 minutes
• Battery service life: >1 year (Carbon Zinc Battery) (only DC power supply), >5 year (Alkaline Battery) (only DC power supply), >10years (Lithium battery) (only DC power supply)
• Humidity Range: < 85% relative humidity (RH)
• Temperature Range: 40ºF to 100ºF
• Sound Pattern: ISO8201 (BI 0.5s - pause 0.5s - BI 0.5s - pause 0.5s - BI 0.5s - pause 1.5s, with the RED LED flash, repeat this alarm pattern)
• Interconnection numbers: up to 12 product
• Size: 127mm in diameter x 40.8mm depth
Product PhotoWire CO Detector suppliers
website:http://www.smoke-detector.com/wire-dete ... -detector/


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