Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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Tube Laser Cutting Machine

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BFLT200-600 Laser Tube Cutting Machine
BR laser tube cutting system has a fully pneumatic chuck design. This feature achieves quick self-centering and workspace clamping. Gas pressure could be adjusted at the same time to ensure clamping strength is stable and reliable.
Fuji AC servo driven driving systems; ensuring high speed - high precision and high reliability.
Full auto load and unload available; CNC controlled achieving a seamless connection. Ultimately reducing labor and enhancing operator / machine efficiency.
Cypcut3000 Nesting software integrated into this platform to further reduce material waste.
HMI touch screen controls, remote access optional.
Gear and linear guide rail fully protected from dust and debris.
●Square- Processing Size: 10-150mm(D)*6000mm(L)
●Round- Processing Size: 10-200mm(D)*6000mm(L)
●Rectangle/Oval/Angle iron to be determined on site
●Stainless steel
●Carbon steel
●Galvanized steel
Technical Parameters
Laser SourceRaycus fiber laser 1000W(1500-6000W optional)
Wall thickness range0.5 - 10 mm
Position Repeatability±0.02 mm/1000 mm
Cutting Accuracy±0.03 mm
Tube Feed Speed (max.)100 m/min
Tube and Pipe DiameterRound: 10 - 200 mm
Square: 10 - 150 mm
Single Tube Weight (max.)100 kg
Acceleration1 G
Voltage380 V AC / 60Hz
Machine Weight5000 kgs(5T)
Dimension (L x W x H)11000 x 3500mm
Cutting Capability
Stainless Steel (N2)4 mm10 mm
Carbon Steel (O2)6 mm16 mm
Galvanized Steel (N2)6 mm12mm
Note: These are typical maximum thicknesses for these power levelsTube Laser Cutting Machine
website: ... g-machine/


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